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Mark Purdey - Tributes
Thank you! 

On behalf of myself and family, I would like to express my thanks to all those who have sent tributes in his memory. 
Sincerely - Margaret Purdey.


From: Sara Watersan - East Anglia - 11th April 2008

'I have only just found this site site, amazingly, since Mark's concerns are close to my own. I've been immensely moved by the humanity of his approach to all these terrible problems we suffer as a result of the refusal of Big Business to put our health and that of the earth before their own profits. My condolences to Mark's family on the loss of an extraordinary man: I can only say I too wish I'd known him. I hope the website will remain for as long as it is needed.

Those who would like to follow or join in other ways the fight against pesticides and their effect on human and animal health, should visit the website of anther brave crusader, Georgina Downs, currently taking on the might of DEFRA in the High Court, in her mission to force acknowledgment of the poisonous legacy of OP use:

Sara Waterson' -


From: Sandy Moore - 30th March 2008

Dear Margaret and family. 

I was so suddenly shocked to discover Mark passed away in 2006 and cannot believe I didn't know about it. As you know I met Mark in Ireland and we lived rough and happy, played music through the green, misty days of rhododendron blossoms. I will always cherish my memories of him and your visit to Nova Scotia as well as when Linda and I visited High Barn Farm, the bustle of your life and milking those cows with Mark. You all have our sincerest condolences and warmest regards. 

Sandy Moore Sandy V.A. Moore - Brunswick St. Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada B3K 2Y4      


From: Nick Malicka - 25th February 2008

'You Gentle Man – for Mark Purdey

You were a pilgrim of the earth
Hallowed were the paths you trod
Irish forests, Irish fields
Glengarriff to Kenmare 

Chorus Cease to strive you gentle man
Cease to strive

Sacred were your cherished cows
Nature cupped you in her hand
Nourished you who nourished her
Shared her rain and verdant land.

When you blew your saxophone
When you whispered with your flute
Celtic spirits filled the tone
Holy was the harmony.

Anchored was your life in truth
You navigated through the lies
As a standing stone endures
You did not yield to compromise

Father, husband, farmer, friend
Your beloved bear your seed,
Planted in their growing minds,
Rooted in their loving hearts

Fragile are the threads of life
Delicate the cloth we weave
But your colours shall not fade
From the tapestry you leave
' - Nick Malicka

76 From: Kathy Moss - 3rd October 2007

'I'm shocked; came to the website for information, and hadn't heard that Mark had died. He was truly inspiring and I am so sorry at the news.' - Kathryn Moss

75 From: Karen Angus, Shetland - 25th September 2007

'Mark was an amazing man, I was so saddened to read he had passed away, my love and healing thoughts go to his family.' - Karen



From: Judith Rowley, Newnham, Herts - 28th June 2007

'What a shock to hear of Mark Purdey's death. I heard him talk at 'The Green Fair' a few years ago. 

Just hope that there are enough of you to continue in his footsteps.

Regards and condolences to you all, - Judith


From: Carl Wisconsin, USA - 21st June 2007

'Thank you, thank you for keeping Mr Purdey's great research on line for us. 

To me, he is the 'point soldier' in the battle to expose the diabolical manipulation of victims and truth in the war against world control by the industrial cartels. 

Because of their control of media, few realize we are in a war for survival against a totally depraved power network. 

Only the truth will set us free! - Carl'


From: Dr A.J.Max Forrester, Taunton, Somerset - 15th may 2007

'I am sad to hear of the passing of Mark. He gave a very interesting talk

to Somerset Organic Gardeners some years ago and made us all think.

Thinking of you all at this time - Max'
Dr A.J.Max Forrester
Associate Specialist Physician, Orthopaedics


From: Trudy Jane Markwick, South Australia - 2nd April 2007

'Dear Family & Friends of Mark Purdey,

Following a recent seminar on ME/CFS where the possible kinks to organophosphate was discussed, I began searching the net for information. I want to tell you how very important Mark's work has been and continues to be in my search of the truth. We live in a time where we rely on information that is media fed & industry/ business driven, by greed, telling us only that which fits with their hidden agenda.

Mark like my daughter Clare, are our loved ones. Not numbers, nor statistics or consumers. They are to us real. They are to us valued. They are to us, people. I will be forever grateful for Mark's open mindedness, intellect & his understanding and commitment to our environment.

As his loved one's, I say thank you. As a mother I understand that the accomplishment of one family member reflects also the love, support and commitment of the family as a whole. Mark's commitment to organic farming may well be the difference between my beautiful Clare's recovery from ME/CFS or her slavery to a disease that has consumed the last 5 years of her life. For that & for his determination to be heard by the scientific community, I will be forever grateful.

(My daughter) Clare, aged eighteen and always a good student with dreams of studying music at University, has just pulled out of high school to concentrate on trying to get well. I am researching all I can on organophosphates. If you have an mailing list I would be interested in joining or becoming a member. In 1981 I nursed a patient with Crutzfelt- Jacobsen's Disease, which was little known of at the time. I have a medical back ground as a Registered Nurse. Again my sincere thanks & condolences' - Sincerely Trudy Jane

70 From: Elena Herrero Hernandez, MD PhD, Portland, Oregon, US - 28th March 2007

'I invited Mark some years ago to give a lecture in Turin University, Italy and enjoyed his friendship and his wonderful sense of humour. 

I just knew about his death from the web and I feel very sad about it. I want to express to his family my sincere condolences.' - Elena Herrero Hernandez

69 From: C. Symington, Austin - 20th March 2007

'I learned only today of Mark's death via your website as I logged on to read his latest research.  

Like many, my association with him was by internet only, but during each correspondence Mark was always friendly, accessible, helpful, and ever-so-brilliant - despite all the demands on his time.  

I consider Mark a hero for our times, the best of the best of humanity; it's hard to believe he is gone.  He will be sorely missed by all who seek knowledge, honesty, bravery (!), and truth.  

So long, Mark, and THANK YOU for all you did in your brief lifetime.' - C Symington

68 From: Dan Jordan, Perth, Australia - 9th March 2006

'I am deeply saddened to hear of Mark's passing as although my contact with him was only through the internet there was a feeling much stronger than simply 'the web'. 

A great loss indeed to his areas of interest and  people like me who found his work very valuable to subjects of personal research, in this case the Groote Eylandt Syndrome

My sincere and deep sorrow to Mark's family.
May his work continue somehow and his web-site go on, Vale Mark and rest in peace.' - Dan Jordan

67 From: Gaynor , Banwell, North Somerset - 18th February 2007

'I have just heard of Marks untimely death and am very saddened by this news. 

I became acquainted with Mark and his family when buying a Jersey cow (called Snowflower) from him in 1981!We all remained friends both through farming and playing music for a number of years until moving away from the South Somerset area. Sadly we lost touch which I now regret very much.

My condolences to his family: Mark was a remarkable and focussed man who will be greatly missed by all. God Bless' - Gaynor x



From: Tom Bliss - 
'I'm sorry to say I've only just heard of Mark's tragic death. 

It was in my mind to contact him last year because we were at school together and I'd been following his struggle in the media, but a friend told me he was ill so I let the moment pass. I regret that now. 

My own family has reason to be concerned about agri-chemicals (my Mother-in-law was sprayed by a crop-dusting helicopter and immediately became ill - to die many years later, I believe from the 

toxins) and I wish I had told him how much I admired his work and persistence. 

It was Mark who introduced me to the type of music that has now become my livelihood - I can remember like yesterday the first time I ever heard music in stereo - Fotheringay through Mark's 

headphones! Mark and his mate Julian Newton also introduced us (Julian's younger brother Piers - who was my mate - and I) to people like the ISB, Dr Strangely Strange and Tir Na Nog as well as many 
other bands who've had a major influence on me, so I wish I'd thanked him for that too.
May his family find peace and happiness and may the scientific community carry forward his work to the benefit of all.' - Tom Bliss


From: Sascha Sarnoff - Health Advocacy in the Public Interest, Santa Barbara, California (President & Co-founder)

'I only now learned of Mark's passing. It is impossible to explain the shock. I now wish I had called when my instincts prompted me to, but then I always wondered if I was taking valuable time away from his work and family, and so tried to keep calls to a minimum, even though Mark was so kind about sharing his ideas with me. I wish I could have said goodbye, but then, how do we ever say goodbye anyway...

Mark is one of those rare individuals who was able to speak to people fluently in both a scientific and lay manner. His countless, everlasting gifts to the many beings of this fragile planet will continue to nourish our spirits, our minds and hearts. Mark's unbridled thinking laid an immense groundwork of research and understanding that gave an elegant framework to the conversation of living in harmony with nature and the ramifications and costs of our civilization ignoring the natural ways of living and cultivating. His discoveries about BSE are some of the most profound scientific observations of the last several decades.

Mark was in possession of a phenomenal mind which nourished a generation of progressive thinkers, activists, scientists, health practitioners and ranchers from around the world. 

Thank you Mark Purdey for all the love, the gifts, the late nights of research, the generous spirit willing to help those crazy strangers who rang you up at odd hours and who called upon you from all directions, thank you for being a mentor to so many of us who seek the truth. 

May you rest in a blessed paradise of peace,  farewell dear friend and comrade' - Sascha Sarnoff


From: Helen Armstrong - Northern Territory, Australia.

'I only discovered Mark today and was/am so excited - it all made sense. And then I discovered he had died last year. I am so sorry. 

I could imagine him in 20 or 30 or so years, the wisdom, the acknowledgement by MAFF and co that he was right - vindicated. What else might he have discovered? Instead he will have to watch from heaven. 

My condolences to his family and to mankind.' - Helen Armstrong



From: David Wilmot - Abington, Massachusetts

'Mark Purdey was ahead of his time, and I am greatly saddened to learn of his death.

His children should know that his work will one day prove to be monumental, and many of us around the world have been fired by his passionate approach to finding the truths behind environmental toxins.
One of the proudest moments of my life was welcoming Mark into my home and accompanying him on an investigation to find the cause of the great incidence of multiple sclerosis surrounding a former Naval Air Station in Massachusetts.
Mark's passing gives me sadness and a renewed commitment to persevere towards all the answers that Mark knew were not far beyond politically obscured. 
God bless Mark Purdey. - David'


From: Arnold and Linda Elliott - Wildrose Elk Ranch, Kindersley, Saskatchewan Canada 

'I send my deepest sympathy to Mark's wife and family.

I attended one of his conferences  at Lloydeminster, Saskatchewan, Canada and I did take time to talk with Mark for several hours at that Conference. Now I find it so hard to come to terms with his passing. I can't believe it, as I've only just heard of his death tonight, (January 14th) and he died in November.  

Please, please give our regards to Mark's whole family from the Elliots in Canada; he was a truly remarkable man and one that was always searching for the truth.  

Also, as they don't have a computer, please send their sympathy from Ed and Faye Davidson from loughheed Alberta. They also attended several of Marks conferences for BSE. 

May God be with you all.  Regards from Arnold and Linda Elliott'


From: David Woodland, Somerset - ITV News Reporter

'Mark was, and still is, an inspirational figure for anyone fighting to get to the truth. Each time I met him I always came away glad that he was there tirelessly and enthusiastically digging away to get at the facts. His intellect was awesome and his knowledge of his subject matter extremely impressive. If only we had more people like him. I am hugely saddened that, at 52, he is no longer alive. I hope Margaret and their eight children can cope on their wild but beautiful hill farm. - David Woodland'


From: USA - Mark Edwards - (Chubbuck ID)
'I had just returned to Mark's site to provide a reference when I saw the announcement of
his passing.   My undergraduate degree is in molecular biology. I found Mark's research to
be very interesting and pointed in the right direction.  My condolences to his family.  A
very sharp researcher has slipped from our presence. - Mark Edwards'




From: Doreen
'I just heard that Mark passed away, and I want to extend my deepest condolences and express my great appreciation to his family who certainly sacrificed so that his work would continue.
My heart hurts for you and your loss, and although I don't know how old your children are, I am certain that they weren't old enough to lose him.
Thanks for all you have done, and please know that prayers for peace are being lifted for you. Blessings - Doreen'


From: Mark Pickard, (Journalist) Germany - Vox Populi

'It was with the utmost sadness I learned of Mark's tragically premature death from my good friend and fellow journalist, Ralph Berney, who is based in Turkey. News of Mark's passing has travelled far, it seems; which is hardly surprising given the respect he commands for his monumental achievements and unflagging devotion to his extraordinary work, and the affection he commands for his gentle, kind and utterly engaging personality. 

Mark was truly a noble 'renegade' who devoted almost two decades of his life to exposing the deceit of the government, corporate-driven psuedo science on BSE/CJD - a deception as nefarious as that of the tobacco industry 'yesterday', the climate-change-denial lobby today, and no doubt some other grotesque, greed-driven concoction of the same depraved, plutocratic state/corporate alliance 'tomorrow'.

I had the huge privilege of interviewing Mark Purdey just a little more than a year ago. I had intended the interview to last some 20 minutes or so, but so utterly compelling, committed, passionate, articulate and uniquely affecting was he that I found myself utterly captivated for fully one hour and twenty minutes!
(To see the interview - Click here! - An mp3 file 12.5 MB 13,179,136 bytes)

Mark said something during the interview that, although it fell victim to editing, has stuck resolutely with me ever since; "...I honestly believe that, whether it takes a week or many, many years, the truth will always 'out'; there's nothing they can do to stop it". Those who, perhaps understandably, fear that Mark's prodigious work may now have been in vain should take heart. Mark was surely as right in this as he was in his astounding science!

Yours - Mark Pickard'


From: USA - Maj Pete Klopfenstein USAF(Ret)

'Unfortunately, I only recently discovered Mark and his brilliant insights into the possible causes of Mad Cow  Disease, as I was growing increasingly concerned over the doubletalk by the American Government on this issue and started my own little research review.

I have University training in Biology and Mathematics, and the power of his reasoning was immediately apparent to me and should give pause to any worker in this field of study.....the fact that the reaction from the established vested interests is; deny, deny, deny...without any attempt to address his powerful questions.....raises a BS alert flag in my mind...
I note that he died fairly young for these times.  I am not sure about conspiracy theories; I believe they exist...but unfortunately the victims of these (which can include the whole of the World) never seem tot be able to marshal all the facts to bring the would be perpetuators to justice.  Since these would be perpetrators could include some of the most powerful people in the World; I suppose the potential for erasing the trail of their evil deeds is very high; Sadly.

I have always felt that there has been a rise in the ability and the fact of mass manipulation and propaganda  to keep the whole of citizens compliant and cover over many of the real agendas behind government actions and political events in the World....

What stunned me originally, when reading about the establishment theory of prion genesis, was how a chemical precursor without any of the elements of what we know constitutes the mechanism of cellular replication could just reproduce itself.  A  prion doesn't even has as much as a virus particle which itself needs to confiscate  the mechanism of a normal cell to complete its reproduction process.
Aside from the biological absurdity of this, whats remarkable again is how readily leaders that have been elected to power and took an oath of office to their Country and the citizens of that Country capitulate to the self-interests of the economically powerful over the interests of citizens and their own Country; and will take it upon themselves to determine that any number of their citizens can be made unwitting and unwilling
participants in these, what amount to, mass experiments to ultimately protect the vested interests of a few.
We can ill afford to lose clear thinking and knowledgeable individuals, such as Mark...if Democracy is to continue to flourish. - Maj Pete Klopfenstein USAF(Ret)'


From:  West Somerset Organic Group

'All the members of the West Somerset Organic Group were greatly saddened to hear that Mark had lost his last battle.   

He addressed the group on several occasions and we were always inspired by him - he was a compelling speaker and a kindred spirit.   Let us hope there is someone out there who will continue where he left off.    

It was a moving experience to hear those closest and dearest to him express their love for him at Nettlecombe last week - our warmest thoughts go to all his family and friends. - Dick Mayes'



From: Jerry Brunetti'

'To everyone who is moved and shaken by the tragic passing of Mark Purdey, there comes to mind some precious and poignant thoughts about this marvelous man. I first met Mark back in 2001 when he spoke at Acres. and I met him again in Vermont when I also met Larry and Linda Fallace (authors of their latest blockbuster, 'Mad Sheep') who discussed their indescribable experiences at the hands bureaucrats.

Mark expounded on the never-ending dots that were being connected about the real cause of BSE and the underpinnings of why we have pandemic levels of CJD, Alzheimer’s, ALS, MS, Parkinson’s, all beyond comprehension in a country that espouses a clean air and clean water policy.

Gandhi said, “Almost anything you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it”. For those of you who agree, and who know that Mark Purdy was a true gift to us all, whether or not you laughed in his presence, let’s keep his company amongst us by creating a living memorial to him. His work, and his legacy to change this place. 

Maybe what I’m beginning to learn is that “the work” lives on, regardless of when and how we leave it in the hands of those we can trust to carry on. We are, after all, mortals; the work is our gift to immortality. 

Godspeed Mark. Thank you so much; guide us all along the way.

Blessings - Jerry Brunetti'


From: John, Sean & Margaret Gilsenan

'Just a short note to say how sorry we are to hear about Mark’s premature death.
We know Nigel well and are aware how missed Mark will be.
Sincere condolences.
- John, Sean & Margaret Gilsenan'


From: James Showers

'I never met Mark. But ever since I first heard his name in the early 80's I had a subtle feeling that the angels were with us - that there were lion-hearted individuals fighting their corner of life against overwhelming odds - and winning.

His life was a blow for freedom. He is one of those people who made it through the wires of the bat-catching culture, and he continues to inspire and encourage me in my life.

I am so sorry he has died. I feel for his family.And I'm very grateful to him for his life, and to you'all for your support of his work. You must miss him.

Much love to you all - James Showers'


From Judith Porter, Somerset

'I still remember visiting you in your caravans in Devon and in Elworthy, before you had a house, and the fact that you were always welcoming. I know we haven’t been in touch for ages; some how you always think that people will be there for ever; yet we should seize the moment and not drift away.

Mark was so dedicated, knowledgeable and likeable, that I always wondered why the establishment wouldn’t sit up and listen!  Listening to his discourse on organophosphates, before anyone else seemed to care about them, was educational and inspirational. It is a tribute to him and his dedication that he became as well known as he did. However, my memories will be of picking swedes in the cold and rain, mending a roof and helping with the cows in the Brendon Hills .

Best wishes to all of you - Judith Porter'


From: Roland Vernon, Pitcombe, Somerset

This is a great loss to the people of Britain, for whom Mark was a kind of local hero. And it is a loss and to all who believe in questioning the tyranny of establishment ethics and corporate protectionism. 

Mark upheld the great moral issues of his day and did so with humour, affection and tireless zeal. 

The likes of Mark Purdey should replace the priests of yesteryears. Out with superstition; in with practical philanthropy. 

Would that I could have an ounce of his energy and dedication - I would be twice the man I am - Roland'


From London: Ben Parish
'I would like to express my condolences to Mark's family and to express my profound respect for his contribution to science and the bravery he showed in the face of indifference and intimidation.
My father who passed away in 2001 spent many years trying to get the government to investigate the BSE toxic connection. He built upon Mark's theory and made a connection with the meat rendering process:
Mark's experience has so many parallels with my father's. Both had no scientific training yet produced compelling evidence and insights on the causes of BSE yet met with complete indifference from the government and scientific community. The truth behind the scandal of the BSE crisis was simply to damaging to be acknowledged. BSE has been now been brushed under the carpet and the supposed epidemic that justified the mass slaughter never materialised.
Mark, one day you will get the acknowledgement and respect you deserved from the scientific community when this cover up has been exposed. I am just sorry that you and my father will not see that day. You were a special individual who is an inspiration to us all to continue the fight for the truth.
Rest in Peace - Ben'


From: Colin Thomas
I worked, with producer David Parker, as the director of a television programme on Mark Purdey and was as impressed by his determination as by his scientific insights. 

Despite the fact that he was fighting complacent conformist thinking, he did so with gentleness, patience and good humour.

I'd like to think that our programme's title - "The Farmer Who Wouldn't Let Go" - summed up one aspect of a many faceted man. 

He will be much missed - Colin Thomas'


From: Reaveley Books - Jane Johnson

'Although I only met Mark once, we corresponded occasionally and, like many others whose families' lives have been affected by pesticide poisoning, I greatly appreciated the inspirational and brave stand he took in exposing the results of the indiscriminate use of organophosphates.  

Dotun Adebayo, who hosts the "Up All Night" show on Radio 5 has agreed to include mention of Mark in his "Brief Lives" programme, which is a feature of the show.  It will be broadcast early on Sunday morning (26th November) on Radio 5 and is usually repeated during the weekend.  It will also be found on the audio archive of the FiveLive website during the week following the broadcast on'


From: Warwickshire - J E S Bradshaw

'The world needs courageous, questioning people like Mark Purdey, and as one of the many who admired and respected him without ever having the pleasure of knowing him I am desperately sorry to read of his untimely death.  

He made an inestimable contribution to the debate about the origins and causes of BSE and associated conditions at a time when an entirely discredited state machine faced no real challenge, and we should all be conscious both of the quality of his argument and the personal effort he put behind it.  

What a fine, admirable man - and what a terrible loss to his family and friends, to whom I offer my deep sympathy and condolence. - J.E.S.Bradshaw'   


Nettlecombe - The Funeral - A poem by James Crowden

Wet the hills, wet the roads,
Wet the beech, wet the mist
Rolling in off the moor,

Swollen streams bursting at the seams
Orange red the leaves, scudding,
Tree trunks grey and green with moss
Like elephant legs,
Thorn bowed down by a century of wind,
The gathering at the church,

A coffin of willow, dressed in autumn colours
Had drawn us there, infectious enthusiasm
That had somehow come to the end of its mechanism
His unruly spring unwound, while the real clock
At the back of the church
Could be heard ticking away the years,
The heady mixture
Of anecdote and sadness
Like a tree felled
Cut down in his prime
Ideas forever branching out

From the barn, theories unfurled,
Gaining energy and pace.
Till they can fly
The whole of life’s
Hypothesis to be tested
To the limit, and beyond
No doubt he’s at it now
Playing sax to Holy Cows.'


From: Penny Kemp

'I am so saddened to hear of the death of Mark.  My condolences to his family.  I met Mark when he came to speak at the Green Forum at Glastonbury and at the Big Green Gathering.  

His knowledge and the informative way he gave his talks was inspirational and I know many, many people were moved to help campaign following Mark’s presence at the festivals. 

We will miss him.- Penny Kemp'


From: Jo Wooding and Simon Pinder.

'I am so very sorry to hear about Mark. What a sad, early loss to all of us, but especially his family.

With sympathy and love - Jo and Simon'


From Wales: Pauline Roberts

'Although we never met we did correspond and in my personal pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment I found his wisdom and erudition to be like the early morning sun that lifts the mist and lights the distant hill. - Pauline.'


From  : School friend - Nick Hardy. 

I went to school at Haileybury with Mark and I don’t remember a whole lot about it but I do remember Mark as being a wonderful person to be around. We had many a laugh in the woods and country side in and around the school and I seem to remember him living nearby and having a welcome break there from school. Mark use to have a “dirty old man’s” rain coat and loved playing the sax, from what I can recall, standing in a stream with his 'John Lennon' specs. We lost touch with each other and I moved to the States but I was always interested and supportive of his move into organic farming and the stands he took.

I would like to pass on my deepest condolences to his family and I am glad his work might carry on under Nigel’s stewardship.

Kindest regards, Nick Hardy.(Allenby House, in a time before girls!)'


From Edinburgh, Scotland: Ann Mallaby

'The Government didn't appreciate you, Mark - but your fellow citizens did. We honour you for the brave and selfless work you've done for mankind. - 

Ann Mallaby'


From South Devon: Diane & John Irwin 


'We were extremely saddened, to have learned of the parting from this World of Mark Purdy, and send our heartfelt condolences to Mark's family and friends.


I was exceptionally lucky to have met, and also to have been greatly inspired, by such a very special person as Mark Purdy at his Kingsbridge lecture.


Mark told me this year after his operation, that I must continue with my ongoing fight, and so I will never give up, feeling as strongly as I do that other Communities must also be informed;


Kingsteignton, (Teignbridge) in South Devon was and is still subjected to the ongoing, severe pollution hazards coming from the decomposition of the mass burials of thousands of tonnes of carcases, into the household waste, at the severely problematic 7acre Viridor landfill/landrise site’s burial chamber etc, (not forgetting it’s leachate lagoons) and left uncapped until 2003, and all of this due to 2001’s Foot-and-Mouth. Since then Kingsteignton have been under attack from horrendous pollution caused at that time, first causing sterility, then abortions, central nervous system damage, sudden deaths, deformities, now the community has high asthma, (TB) cancers, Alzimers, birth defects and (800) Parkinson figures and these are the highest for the UK.....


I have campaigned incessantly, always remembering Mark’s words; ‘I must never give up because I am correct,’ my efforts have lead me to work alongside a panel of experts who also agree with Mark, that the fore mentioned problems occurred because of manganese, OP’s, formaldehyde, pesticides and funeral pyre ash etc, and this has only occurred since 2001’s FMD Virus outbreak, and those problems, are now well known to be associated with that pollution. This now is proving to be the causal link in several different areas of the country; Kingsteignton, Highhampton, Oakhampton & now Chudleigh, Highweek, Kidderminster & Worcester...........................


Mark will always be remembered: Diane & John Irwin' 


From Bristol The Soil Association: Patrick Holden, CBE, Director

'I was so shocked to hear of Mark's illness, news of which only came to my notice last week.  When I asked a friend if I could go and see him I found it was too late.  I first met Mark when he was still farming in Wales in the 1970's.  His characteristics then, the warmth, the gentleness, yet at the same time his extraordinary fiery determination to take on a cause and struggle against the odds for what he believed in, remained with him all his life.

Our paths drifted apart despite our common interests in dairy farming and the organic movement, but my feeling of warmth and connection with him remained, as a kindred spirit and fellow traveller.

I shall miss him and I know this feeling will be echoed by many others connected with the Soil Association who have been touched by his work.

Patrick Holden'


From: Deidre West

'I'm sorry to hear of Mark's death. He seemed a good and interesting man.

My brother died in 1999 of Sporadic CJD and I had a very informative and sympathetic telephone conversation with Mark following this, helping me to make some sense of CJD and BSE. Thanks.  

Condolences to all his family.- Deidre West'


From Somerset, UK: School friend - James Crowden

'Very sad indeed to hear about Mark's death. we went through Haileybury at exactly the same time together and were in the same chemistry class for many years. Mark was delightfully eccentric and scruffy even in those days... great fun sitting next to him or playing around with chemicals. Always testing authority to the limit...

I do remember him getting expelled...

His lectures on BSE were always fascinating and led on to long discussions about warble fly, OP's prions, manganese lock up etc etc.

A keen, roving intelligence. Sadly missed. Lets hope his work will be completed...  and fully recognised.

All the best - James Crowden'


From: Francesca Garman, Mangar International (Director)

'People like Mark who are braver then most of us, and who are ready to fight the status quo to unearth important truths are rare and special and usually have a very hard time of it. Mark certainly had endless battles at great personal expense, both his own and that of Margaret and the children….But his was an exceptionally worthwhile life

And there are those who will carry on with his work, how ever inconvenient that might be to his opponents.

It was a privilege to meet him and we send our love and encouragement to his family. - Francesca Garman'


From Somerset: Richard Collins,

'He gave freely of his precious time and advice. He saved my life, although I did not know him.  What more is there to say?

I shall be forever grateful.- Richard Collins'


From: Graham Steel CJD International Support Alliance (Information Resource Manager)

'I remain extremely saddened at the tragic news about Mark Purdey.'

I had known about Mark for a number of years but never got round to making contact with him until around August last year. After an opening email exchange we then spoke. The conversation must have lasted for aroud two hours and this was really interesting on a number of levels.

The emails continued and I spoke with him twice over that period.Then the silence.

I knew something was wrong. He eventually wrote to advise about his tumor before and after his surgery. He last emailed me January to confirm that he was feeling well again. I spoke with his wife about 3 months ago but Mark was too mentally exhausted to speak with me. I did manage to get some important supportive words across to him. That was the final contact we had.

He will be very sadly missed. I will make further contact with his brother Nigel next year. - Graham Steel'


From: 10Radio - Eddie Gaines

' Mark was clearly a much respected man, very brave, honest and compassionate in - effectively mounting a lone challenge to  “ the established view on the safety in the use of pesticides”  for the benefit of current and future generations.

On behalf of 10radio can I pass our condolences to his wife Maggie and all his family.' - Eddie Gaines'


From Devon: Jon Stanley (Dairy Inspector Taunton)

'I am greatly saddened to hear the news about Mark after reading the Times and this website.  While I did not know Mark for long or very well, I learnt a great deal from him and I very much enjoyed our chats on my visits over the years. I enjoyed hearing about his travels around the World and his work. A great loss. Deepest sympathy to his family. - Jon Stanley'



From Somerset: Terry Roth 

'Over the years in and around Stogumber, West Somerset , Mark has been one of the most intellectually stimulating and engaging people I have met.

Delivering and collecting children at the school gates, a few years ago, other parents would be considering packed lunches, while Mark would be considering the same- plus several issues of global importance simultaneously. His verve for life, his penetrating questions, his desire to debate sometimes came as quite a wakeup call first thing in the morning, but he was perhaps someone ahead of his time: every day, and in many ways.

Mark’s systemic, intelligent, anti reductionist world view will, I hope, be the way of the future. It certainly needs to be.

My love to Margaret and everyone. Melissa, Lauren, Jess and John send their love. - Yours, Terry Roth'


From Mary Critchley (Warmwell) A personal message

 'I feel the death of Mark Purdey has extinguished a beacon for all of us.  I liked his irrepressible humour, his absolute determination to find the truth out for himself and the extraordinary courage in the face of everything that life - and the UK scientific and political establishment - threw at him.  But what  will remain with me most I think is what he wrote about the time of his surgery at the end of 2005.   

He wrote that he'd  remembered a mantra  learned at a sort of crash course in TM when he was only 19 and travelling in Ireland.  Repeating it gave him the feeling that, whatever the outcome of the disease, he could feel " instantly energised and  levitated beyond any world of doubt,  fear or negativity over what  was happening."  And what he added about the gratitude he felt towards his close-knit family were also the words only a happy man could have written. He will be very sorely missed.Mary'


From: Chris Walkland - (Journalist)

'You don't know me, and I didn't really know Mark. I spoke to him a few times

on the phone that is all.
But I was aware of what he did, and the battle he fought against
"officialdom". It doesn't necessarily matter if I believed his theory or not
(I am not suitably scientifically qualified to know or not), but that
doesn't matter. He had a point, he told his story well, people listened and
he made his mark in life, in a field he believed in. He had the courage to
persue it when many people (most) would have given in.
I was truly sorry to hear he had died.
All the best to the family at this difficult time - Chris Walkland'


From Friends:

'Our thoughts are with Margaret, Petra, Holly, Aster, Gabriel, Tansy and Fraser, you know where we are...Ian, Kim, Capella and Oliver.'


From Canada: Bonita Poulin Canadian Coordinator

'My deepest condolences for your loss. Mark was a great man and a brilliant ecological crusader. 

He will be missed! - Bonita Poulin'


From: Diana Buckland. MCS-GLOBAL
'I was very sad indeed to hear of the passing of this most remarkable man, Mark Purdey.   Please accept our greatest respects and condolences from all at MCS-Global.
Respectfully,   Diana Buckland'


From: H.D.Coryn MRCVS

'I was never fortunate enough to meet Mark Purdey but have admired from afar his battle with Maff/Defra Establishment over BSE and Ops, time will surely

show that his efforts have not been in vain. 

I do not know who will pick up

the Torch but the search for truth must go on and governments learn to
listen to such individuals. Thank you Mark - H.D.Coryn MRCVS'


From Cumbria, England: Prof. Sheila Crispin

'I was so very saddened to hear of Mark's untimely death when I got home today. He was a lovely man and pursued science with a rigour and integrity that was uplifting. 

I last heard from him at the end of March this year when he was full of enthusiasm about a collaborative research project on tuberculosis. Almost as an afterthought he told me that he had had surgery just before Christmas to debulk a rather aggressive brain tumour, but was now almost back to normal and feeling fine.

At a time when the origins of BSE in cattle remain hypothetical and sheep with scrapie become less likely potential culprits by the day, a detailed and totally honest reappraisal of the origins of BSE would be a fitting memorial to a very special man.
'My deepest sympathy to Mark's family - Sheila'


From Swindon, Wiltshire, England: John Tuck

'The world is a better place because Mark Purdey has passed through it. 

It is better for his example of courage, persistence and dignity in the face of entrenched opinion, and one day it will be better because of his scholarship and research. 

You will not be forgotten Mark. - John Tuck'


From Shropshire, England: Margaret Anderson

'So many of us have cause to be grateful to Mark for all that he did for his fellow creatures and the environment, and we grieve for his family's loss. 

May they find comfort and strength, Light on the path, and a blessing to every need. - Margaret Anderson'


From Fort Collins, Colerado, USA: Kay Sinclair

I had the unique opportunity of working with Mark here in Colorado on the possibility of heavy metals affecting BSE and CWD.  

He stayed with me while he was here.  We became friends and had many wonderful conversations about England and Colorado.  

Mark was truly a unique soul and I know God received him with opened arms when Mark left us.  I will miss his humor and warm friendship.' - Kay Sinclair


From England: George and Suzanne Faulkner

'We bought a load of hay from Mark and thus were privildged to have met him. All that he has shown will be proved one day, even to the Establishment.

Many people will miss him but also so will the truth. - George and Suzanne' Faulkner


From Cumbria, UK: H. Wilson

'I am deeply saddened to hear of Mark Purdey's untimely death.

He will always stand out to me as an absolute hero in his determination to search for the truth  and make his findings known, what ever the cost to himself. - H. Wilson.'


From: Isabella

'My sincere sympathies to Mark's family, I also include his extended family, all of us, who depended so much on his wisdom, strong determination to seek the truth and relentless fight against the half truths we are being fed on so many matters that are destroying our way of life and that of our farms and animals.

We will all miss him, Nigel.  I am sure he is not far and you will feel his presence in the wind - Isabella'


From The Isle of Wight, UK: Richard and Shirley Bruce

'I was saddened to hear via contacts in Australia of Mark's passing. Sadly his daughter Aster confirmed the sad news on the phone this afternoon.

Although I was never fortunate to have met Mark we spoke often in the early days of my illness and we raised funds to do a survey here on the Isle of Wight in efforts to obtain evidence for his OP/BSE theory.

I see that the Obituary in the Independent was used to attack his theory but in 1996 a government official admitted to me in person that they believed that OPs were linked to the problem.

Whatever else Mark knew about the dangers of OPs and he was able to help me to deal with the crooked doctors and officials who are hiding the truth. I do hope that the family can be happy soon in the knowledge that Mark was a very special person and that the world will feel his loss.

May Nigel be given the strength to carry on the good work so that all Mark's efforts and his collection of research papers will expose the terrible truth in the end.

Our thoughts are with all the family at this sad time and I apologise for intruding in their grief this afternoon.

All the best - Richard and Shirley Bruce'


From France: Mary Critchley at Warmwell

'Mark Purdey's dogged and self-financed battle in trying to tell a deaf Establishment that it is manganese that can cause the prion protein to transform into its BSE causing form won him the affectionate respect of many. He pointed out that the sole piece of evidence for the 'hyperinfectious' theory of BSE is that TSEs (along with various other diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, thyroiditis, some cancers and toxic metal encephalopathies which are not labelled 'hyperinfectious') can be transmitted via injections of TSE diseased brain tissues into unfortunate laboratory animals. (See warmwell pages).

Michael Meacher and former chairman of the House of Commons Agriculture Select Committee, Sir Richard Body, were among those who wanted Mark's work to be taken seriously. Sir Richard once said, "The Ministry of Agriculture has behaved disgracefully because he challenged their authority. ... A lesser man than he would have given up years ago. "
In 2000, the Times called him a person " of extremes: impassioned, intelligent, dogged, charming and obsessive" In 1996, Andrew Marr wrote in the Independent: that Purdey was " ...harassed by the "official" scientists who were committed to the pesticides he was questioning. After all, Maff had licensed OPs to be used in quantities far higher than in other countries; if there was a link with BSE, the department itself would be responsible for it, and who knows what else?"

He will be deeply missed by those lucky enough to have been in contact with him and to have been aware of his quite extraordinary, selfless thirst for truth.'


From Lancashire: Tom Rigby

'Mark will be sadly missed. Long may his life's work of 'seeking the truth through science' continue.- Tom Rigby'

Johnsons Farm, Lowton, Warrington, Lancashire


From England: Linda Melvern

'I am shocked and saddened at this news. Mark fought for truth and justice. It was a hard struggle and his bravery is an example to us all. I admired him immensely. - Linda Melvern'


From Somerset, England: Oliver Dowding

'I'm numb.

Talk about inspirational. 
Selfless too - although his family may at times have suffered a little as Mark pursued his targets with stealth.
Sadly I did not know he was ill, although maybe that's why I quite often would think of him.

I so hope all his efforts will in some way be preserved and even enhanced by the next generation of true scientists, enquiring of what is supposedly fact, challenging convention etc.  

I hope to be at Nettlecombe next Wednesday. 

Best wishes - Oliver Dowding, Shepton Farms Ltd'


From England: William M. Snape 

'Please convey my deepest condolences to Mark's family. 

Mark was one of a very few prepared to take-on the scientific establishment and their profit motivated scare-stories of doom. He will be sadly missed.

With very best wishes - Bill.'


From Goats UK: Christine Ball

'Mark’s research was held in great esteem by members around the world of the GoatsUK online group. Our condolences to his family on their loss.

Christine Ball - Group Manager.'


From: David Paul Eamonn Pace, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.

'This is to express my condolences at the passing of a courageous, brilliant researcher, whose intrepid efforts set the bar for those of who continue.

David Paul Eamonn Pace, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.'


From The Hebrides, Scotland:  Joyce Raven

'I feel so privileged to have had the chance of talking to such a great scientist in the true meaning of the word.

The phrase that won't leave my mind since hearing the news is:

"A prophet hath no honour in his own country"

I truly believe that Mark's work will one day be vindicated.

Sincere and heartfelt sympathy to those he leaves behind - Joyce'


From England: Pat Gardiner

'Writing something about someone who has died is difficult beyond belief.

I never met Mark, but had read most of his writings and we did correspond. Comment on his science from me would be meaningless. What value praise on his research from a scientific illiterate?

He stood like a beacon, needing no praise for his energy and spirit of enquiry. That was obvious to all. But despite all this, my contribution to his memory can be quite unique.

Mark made some seemingly outrageous claims about harassment. At least, that was what most of us thought, even if unspoken. His last illness may quite reasonably have contributed to the doubts. But that would be wrong and the record needs correction.

On at least one occasion, Mark was right. He was being harassed and followed. He was not only telling the truth, but even knew who was responsible. We compared notes. They tallied. He was right. I felt cold when reading his comments.

Mark was being tailed and harassed during the late 90s. No question and no doubts in my mind. Mark not only worked hard, but he had immense physical and moral courage when facing abuse and dark dirty deeds.

England has lost somebody very special. You don’t get too many like this man.

We should all feel poorer and lonelier tonight.
Regards - Pat Gardiner'


From: Jo Wooding and Simon Pinder

'We are so very sorry to hear about Mark.  What a sad, early loss to all of us, but especially his family. 

With sympathy and love, - Jo Wooding and Simon Pinder.'


From: Mark Evans

'When I first heard of Marks illness I immediately thought, oh well, Mark will be able to cope with this one, this isn't going to finish him off! I was so sure of his ability to survive that I remained in my own selfish environment, with my own self indulgent problems!

I have known Mark for 27 years and he was a great inspiration for me with my own journey into Organic farming and as a good friend. I remember very vividly his intelligence, humour and drama that went with his unique life style and way of thinking. I will always remember the times I spent with him in the early days of his farming in mid-Devon.

This poem by Margaret Torrie springs to mind.

The Intention.

Healing is both an exercise and an understanding, yet not of the will nor of the intention
It is a wisdom and a deeper knowledge of the daily swing of life and death in all creation
There is defeat to overcome and acceptance of living to be established and always there must be hope
Not hope of healing but the hope which informs the coming moment and gives it reason
The hope which is each mans breath, the certainty of love and of loving
Death may live in the living and healing rise in the dying
For whom the natural end is part of the gathering and of the harvest to be expected
To know healing is to know that all life is one and there is no beginning and no end. And the intention is loving                         





From Cumbria: Suzanne & Peter Greenhill
Prof. Derek Ellwood and many others

'You will be missed by all of your contacts and friends in Cumbria.
You gave generously of your time and knowledge and gave added hope to farmers and others who had been so badly damaged during the Foot & Mouth disaster 2001.

Sleep well dear friend.'


From Scotland: Jane Barribal 

'Although we never met, I am so proud to have been able to know Mark Purdey as one of my best friends. Always a 'gentle man', brave and fearless, devoted to his family, the animals and perhaps above all, devoted to his fellow man.

May he rest in peace and may we all have the courage to follow in his footsteps to seek and find the truth - Jane Barribal'



From Abilene, Kansas. USA: Gary and Lina  Burkholder

'Lina and I wish you would pass our condolences on to Mark's family from the Burkholder Tribe at Abilene, Kansas. - Gary and Lina  Burkholder'



From : Capt Bryn Wayt - Sussex, England

'I can only offer my sincere condolences to Mark's family. Rest In Peace Mark  - Bryn'



From Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada: Marion McBride
'Our deepest sympathies are extended to the family.  

We met Mark a couple of year's ago in Saskatchewan after having read through a volume of his work.  We are so sorry to hear of his passing as we have lost a man with immense passion for the earth and its peoples. - M. McBride'

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