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Mark Purdey - Biography

I was born on December 25, 1953 in the village of Much Hadham in the UK. I am a descendent of the globally renowned "Purdey shotgun" family and was educated at Haileybury College private school,  and then accepted into London University to study Zoology and psychology.

In my mid twenties, I pioneered an organic dairy farm on which I bred up a herd of pedigree Jersey cattle. 

Breeding was designed to produce cattle that demonstrated longevity and an ability to produce milk from a self-sufficient arable/legume-grass rotational system with minimal reliance upon purchased in concentrate feed. Semen was introduced from New Zealand, Danish and Canadian blood lines in an attempt to breed a high fat, high yielding, pasture fed, robust and ideal conformation jersey cow. One of our home bred cows turned out to be the highest yielding jersey cow in the UK in 1997 (10,150 litre lactation), after she had been sold onto a conventionally managed dairy farm.

I initiated research into the environmental prerequisites of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies after BSE erupted in four cows that I had purchased onto my farm. None of my farm bred cows ever contracted BSE. My early research and observations demonstrated that both sporadic and new variant forms of TSE (BSE, vCJD) are unlikely to be infectious through either animal to animal, or animal > environment > animal contact.

I designed and embarked upon my own self funded pilot field studies which involved a total eco-analyses of several noted TSE cluster and TSE-free zones around the world. The results suggested that a combination of high manganese/ low copper and high environmental oxidizing agents (such as ultra violet radiation) could initiate a self-perpetuating free radical mediated neurodegenerative disease process (e.g., a TSE) in susceptible genotypes.

Follow up research at Cambridge University confirmed my published hypotheses, that manganese would bond to the vacated copper domain on prion protein and form the misfolded prion protein - the protease resistant isoform that is a central hallmark of the spongiform diseased brain. Neuropathological surveillance of CJD brain tissue at Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio, recorded a ten-fold increase in manganese and 50 percent reduction in copper in CJD brain tissue in relation to control brains.

Kobe University in Japan ran experiments where they beamed manganese prion cell cultures with ultra violet radiation. The prions subsequently aggregated into the fibril formation, which is the key characteristic tombstone feature of the TSE diseased brain.

Although not accepted, as yet, by the conventional scientific establishment, my work has been widely debated in Europe and I have lectured around the world. 

My investigative journey into the origins of TSEs has been featured on several UK television documentary films, and I have been invited to address many UK government scientific advisory committees and the BSE Phillips Inquiry, as well as meet to discuss with HRH Prince of Wales and the former UK Minister of Defense, Lord Tom King.

Bibliography (click on the leaf to the left of the titles to view/download those available on the site

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Acres USA; - Eco Agriculture Annual Achievement Award 2001.

Weston A Price Foundation; - Integrity in Science Annual Award 2002.

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